1. Administrative

    Learn about the city clerk, the city manager, human resources, and licensing.

  2. Development

    Find out about building, land development, permits and inspections, and planning and zoning.

  3. Economic Development

  4. Finance

    Check out the city's accounts payable, accounts receivable, financial documents, permit and license information, and property tax information.

  5. Media Relations

    Newsroom and media contact

  6. Municipal Court

    Learn about court procedures, paying fines, probation, court dates, and the court's schedule.

  7. Parks and Recreation

    Participate in events, day camps, programs, sports, sponsorships, or volunteering.

  8. Police

    The primary purpose (mission) of the Chamblee Police Department is to maintain social order within prescribed ethical and constitutional limits, while providing professional law enforcement services.

  9. Public Works

    Check out efforts toward animal control, recycling, roads and walkways, sanitation, and stormwater utilities.

  10. Staff Directory